Flag News – November 2013


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November 2013

  The   following links can be used to download information that was viagra professional 100mg published last   month by the flag States popular with luxury yachts.

Flag   News can be used to meet the flags’ requirements for management companies and   yachts to receive regular updates and M-Notices.

Whilst   we have made no attempt to filter out information that may not be relevant to   the reader, the icons give a general indication of applicability.

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Circular   STCW 2013-001 (Rev. 2): Security training for seafarers
Advice of the changes in security training required for seafarers by the 2010   Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention. Revised in Oct 2013.



Technical   Alert 13-06: Merger of Det Norske Veritas & Germanisher Lloyd
Advice of the implications of the merger of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and   Germanischer Lloyd (GL) for Bahamian ships classed with DNV or GL, or where   DNV or GL have issued ISM, ISPS or ILO certification.


No news this month.

No news this month.

No news this month.

No news this month.


SIN   033: Certificates of Competency, endorsements & recognised countries
Clarification of the Gibraltar Maritime Administration’s requirements for   Certificates of Competency, licence endorsements and recognised countries.


No news this month.


MS   Notice No. 110: Restrictive measures against the Republic of Guinea
Advice of the adoption of Council Decision 2013/515/CFSP on 21 Oct 2013,   amending Council Decision 2010/638/CFSP, concerning   restrictive measures against the Republic of Guinea.



YSA 6-13: High risk area piracy   warning for yachts
A reminder that there is still a high risk of yachts being hijacked and held   hostage for ransom in the High Risk Area, plus warning notices from the   International Naval Counter Piracy Forces and the European Union Naval Force.
MN 7-053-1 (Rev. 11/13): Onboard   complaint procedures
The key elements of the onboard complaint procedure, the purpose of which is   to provide for the fair, effective and expeditious handling of complaints by   Seafarers working on Marshall Islands ships. The methods by which a shipowner   or ship operator may provide complaint procedures to seafarers is included in   this revision.
MN 7-051-2 (Rev. 11/13): Minimum   hours of rest
Advice of the minimum hours of rest requirements and related provisions, and   the standard formats for the table of shipboard working arrangements and   record of hours of rest. A new section on periods of work during overriding   operational conditions is included in this revision.
MN 7-047-1 (Rev. 11/13): Seafarer   certification, training and watchkeeping
Advice of the 2010 Manila amendments to the Annex of the STCW Code, and other   requirements for certification of seafarers, which entered into force on 01   Jan 2012. A new section on Security Awareness Training is in this revision.
MN 2-013-8 (Rev. 11/13):   Implementation of the Revised MARPOL Annex VI, Regulations for the Prevention   of Air Pollution from Ships
Revised details of the air emissions requirements of MARPOL Annex VI which   entered into force on 01 Jul 2010. This revision includes a new section 5.2   regarding the non-availability of compliant fuel oil.
MN 2-013-4 (Rev. 11/13): Shipboard   Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) approval for Marshall Islands ships
Revised information on the Marshall Islands’ policy concerning the approval   of Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (SOPEP), including plan   development and approval. This revision includes the addition of the Croatian   Register of Shipping in section 5.0, and the removal of International Yacht   Bureau and the addition of United Maritime Survey and Azure Naval Architects   in section 6.0.
MN   2-011-43 (Rev. 11/13): Registration of tenders and issuance of Tender   Statements of Compliance
Guidance on the registration of tenders for any yacht, and advice of the   requirement for a tender of any size associated with a commercial yacht or   private yacht limited charter to be issued a Tender Statement of Compliance.
MN   2-011-42 (Rev. 11/13): Surveys and issuance of international convention and   national certificates for yachts
An outline of the revised requirements for the survey and issuance of   international convention and national certificates by or on behalf of the   Republic of the Marshall Islands. This revision contains significant changes   throughout. It should also be noted that a new version of MI-103   was re-issued in Nov 2013 as the ‘Yacht Code’.
MN   2-011-33 (Rev. 11/13): Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 – inspection and   certification program
Revised information on the RMI Maritime Administrator’s Inspection and   Certification Program to implement the MLC, 2006.
MN   2-011-13 (Rev. 11/13): International Safety Management (ISM) Code
Clarification of the Marshall Islands Administration’s requirements for   Companies and vessels seeking ISM Code certification, and their policies and   interpretations regarding application and implementation of the code. This   revision contains various changes, including a requirement for ships to have   specific plans and procedures for outlining their capability to recover   persons from the water.
MN 1-005-1 (Rev. 11/13):   Consolidated list of fees and charges for official documents and services
The updated regulated publication of the fee structure for Official Documents   and Services rendered by the Administration of the Marshall Islands.
MN 1-000-2 (Rev. 11/13): Official   and other forms and publications
Updated information on how to obtain Marshall Islands maritime publications   and forms.
MG 7-46-1 (Rev. 11/13): Guidance on   Seafarer Employment Agreements (SEAs)
Advice of the provisions to be contained in a Seafarer Employment Agreement   (SEA) as stipulated under the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 and the   Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Act and Regulations. This   revision reflect the recent changes to the RMI Maritime Regulations that   allows the Administrator to deem a conflicting or deviating provision of a   collective bargaining agreement to be substantially equivalent to the RMI   Maritime Act or Regulation
MG 2-11-11: Guidelines on testing of   Ship Security Alarm Systems (SSAS)
A reminder of the existing SSAS test procedures.



Circular   STCW 005: Security related training and instructions for seafarers
A reminder that STCW Convention regulation VI/6 enters into force on 01 Jan   2014, and will require seafarers on vessels to which the ISPS Code applies to   receive security-related training and instruction relevant to their assigned   duties onboard.



MGN 499 (M+F): Life saving   appliances – inflatable liferafts, marine evacuation systems, inflatable   lifejackets and hydrostatic release units – servicing requirements
Information on the MCA’s requirements for the servicing of life-saving   appliances, including the correct servicing intervals and use of approved   service stations.
MGN 497 (M+F): Dangerous goods –   including chemicals and other materials – storage and use onboard ship
Information on the importance of the correct storage and stowage of packaged   quantities of dangerous goods, including chemicals and other materials that   are not cargo by virtue of their being in use and/or stored ready for use   onboard.




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