Flag News – March 2013

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Welcome to the March   2013 edition of Flag News for viagra canada yachts.

The following links can be used to download news and other   information that was published last month by the flag States popular with   luxury yachts. All links were functioning at the time of publishing.

Flag News can be used to meet the flags’ requirements for   management companies and yachts to receive regular updates and M-Notices.

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Directive   002-2013: Seafarer’s accommodation in existing ships
The ‘Seafarer’s Accommodation in Existing Ships Directive 2013’, which came   into force on 01 Feb 2013, and replaces the ‘Merchant Shipping (Crew   Accommodation) Directive 2008’.
Circular   2013-02: International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution   Damage, 2001
Re-publication (and renumbering) of Circular 09-001-08 in which the Antigua   and Barbudan administration advised that the ‘International Convention on   Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001’ entered into force on   the 21 Nov 2008.

No news this month.

No news this month.

No news this month.


Fatal   accident during bridge transit
Following a recent accident investigation on board a large yacht, the CISR   has published a safety flyer relating to bridge transits.


Circular   53/2013: Medicine chest medical equipment and guides on board
Advice that Flag and Port State Control surveyors in Panamanian waters will   be checking the contents of medicine chests, medical equipment and guides,   and the training of anyone onboard who provides medical assistance.
Circular   52/2013: Use of alcohol by masters, officers and other seafarers
A reminder of the requirements of the STCW Code relating to use of alcohol.
Circular   51/2013: Principles to be observed in keeping a navigational watch
A reminder of some of the ‘watchkeeping at sea’ requirements of the STCW   Code, following two recent incidents on Cook Islands vessels where lookout   requirements were not being complied with.

No news this month.


MSN   045: Use of Private Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP)
Advice of the Isle of Man Ship Registry’s policy regarding the use of Private   Contracted Armed Security Personnel onboard Isle of Man registered vessels.


Recruitment   and placement of seafarers
An invitation to local seafarer recruitment and placement companies from the   Jersey Administration to comment on the proposed changes to the ‘Employment   Agencies (Registration) (Code of Conduct) (Jersey) Order 1970’, which are   necessary to ensure compliance with the ‘Maritime Labour Convention, 2006’   from 20 Aug 2013.


MS   Notice No. 106: Placement of Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel   (PCASP) onboard Maltese ships
Advice of the publication of the General   Authorisation (Protective Security Measures on board Ships) Regulations, 2013   Legal Notice 19 of 2013. The Regulations regulate the carriage and use of   firearms and ammunition on board Maltese ships by Privately Contracted Armed   Security Personnel (PCASP). Applications for the authorisation of placement   of PCASP needs to be obtained from the Maltese Shipping Directorate.
MS   Notice No. 105: Guidelines for the implementation of the Maritime Labour   Convention, 2006
Advice that Malta ratified the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) on 18 Jan   2013. The Convention will enter into force on 20 Aug 2013 and will be   transposed into the Laws of Malta through the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention Rules), 2013.


MN 2-014-2: Reports alleging   inadequate MARPOL port reception facilities and report forms
The procedures and the form to report allegations of inadequate port   reception facilities for oily wastes, noxious liquid substances, sewage,   garbage, and/or ozone depleting substances and exhaust gas-cleaning system   residues, where a country is suspected of not honouring its obligations under   the MARPOL convention.
MG 7-41-1 (Rev. 11/12): Safety of   navigation, ECDIS, navigation chart correction and use, speed input to   ARPA-equipped radars and Traffic Separation Lanes
Advice and guidance on the importance of initiating and maintaining a regular   and efficient system of chart and publication updating, the proper use of   ARPA radar, and Rules of the Road in Traffic Separation Lanes.
MN   2-011-39 (Rev. 2/13): Use of Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel   (PCASP)
The Marshall Islands Administration’s policy on the use of PCASP on board   ships for the purpose of additional protection against piracy. This Notice   supersedes the original issue of Rev. 11/11, and reflects the addition of   contact information for the Suez Canal Authority and Indian Authorities in   Appendix III.
MN   2-011-37 (Rev. 1/13): Lifeboat equipment requirements, maintenance, and   servicing
Interpretation and clarification of the Marshall Islands Administration’s   policy on lifeboat equipment, maintenance and servicing, following recent   issues and regulatory developments.
MN   2-011-33 (Rev. 2/13): Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 – inspection and   certification program
Revised information on the RMI Maritime Administrator’s Inspection and   Certification Program to implement the MLC, 2006.
MN   2-011-31 (Rev. 2/13): Piracy, armed attacks, hijacking or terrorism:   reporting incidents, Ship Security Plans and Best Management Practices
An update on the MI Administration’s requirements for security measures to   protect against incidents of piracy, armed attacks (including armed robbery),   hijacking or terrorism to meet internationally accepted Best Management   Practices (BMP) as a minimum.


Circular   PSC 031: Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control in the Asia   Pacific Region (Tokyo MoU) – New Inspection Regime
A reminder that the Tokyo MoU region will introduce their New Inspection   Regime (NIR) on 01 Jan 2014, to replace the current regime. Similar to the   Paris MoU’s NIR which was introduced on 01 Jan 2012, the Tokyo MoU NIR will   target ships based on ship risk profile. More information is available here.
Circular   GEN 009 (Rev. 2): Information concerning anchoring in the traffic separation   scheme in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore
A reminder of the importance of observing the rules and procedures in IMO   circular SN.1/Circ.238/Rev.3 (attached) when anchoring in the traffic   separation scheme in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.


MGN   401 (M+F) Amendment: Navigation – Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and Local   Port Services (LPS) in the United Kingdom
Advice of an updated table and explanatory notes on LPS/VTS equipment and   capability contained within MGN 401 (M+F) Annex 1.
MGN 465 (M+F): Navigation –   Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) – annual testing
A reminder that annual testing of AIS units is required by SOLAS Chapter V   Regulation 18.9. Details of the required testing is given in IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1252.
MGN 462 (M+F): Pollution – entry   into force of the Energy Efficiency Design Index
Advice of the introduction of technical and operational measures to reduce   greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships through amendments to MARPOL Annex   VI by introducing a mandatory energy efficiency regime for international   shipping.
Safety   Alert Technical No. 48: Swivel block failure
Recommendations on the inspection and use of swivel blocks following a recent   failure on a small UK fishing vessel resulting in a near fatal incident.
MIN 451 (M+F): Period of validity   of Notice of Eligibility and time required between re-sits of oral exams
A reminder of procedures being followed concerning the validity of a Notice   of Eligibility (NOE) to sit an MCA oral exam, and the time limits that apply   between re-sits of oral exams (superseding MIN 250 (M+F)).
MIN 450 (M): The Government   Support for Maritime Training Scheme (SMarT) – additional funding for generic   Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) and High Voltage (HV)   training undertaken between 1 April 2012 and 31 March 2013
Advice that the UK Government has made additional funds available for   Financial Year 2012-13 to alleviate some of the extra training costs   associated with the Manila Amendments to the STCW convention.

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