Flag News July 2013

  The following links can be used to   download information that was published last month by the flag States popular   with luxury yachts.

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Flag News can be used to meet the   flags’ requirements for generic levitra online management companies and yachts to receive regular   updates and M-Notices.

Whilst we have made no attempt to   filter out information that may not be relevant to the reader, the icons give   a general indication of applicability.


July 2013





Circular STCW 2013-001: Security training for   seafarers
Advice of the changes in security training required for seafarers by the 2010   Manila Amendments to the STCW Convention.



IB No. 107: Record of Employment, Bahamas Seaman’s   Record Book and Certificate of Discharge
Details of the application procedure for a Seaman’s Record Book (SRB),   sometimes referred to as a Discharge Book or Continuous Discharge Certificate   (CDC), that records the onboard record of employment on Bahamas registered vessels.


No news this month.

No news this month.


CISN 07/2012 (Rev. 1): Notice of fees and charges
Advice of the increase in fees and charges for services, surveys, inspections   and related matters provided or required by the Cayman Islands Shipping   Registry (CISR) and the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI), with   effect from the 01 Jan 2013. The formatting is revised in this revision.
CISN 02/2013: Application of the Maritime Labour   Convention to pleasure yachts not engaged in trade
Guidance on the policy of the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR)   regarding the application of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC), on   privately registered yachts that are not engaged in commercial activities.



Circular 63/2013: New speed and log requirements
Clarification of the speed and log requirements in SOLAS Regulation V/19, and   advice that ships of 50,000GT and over built after 01 Jul 2014 must have two   separate means of measuring speed over ground and water complying with the   revised Performance Standards.
Circular 62/2013: Tokyo MoU New Inspection Regime
Advice that from 01 Jan 2014 the Tokyo Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on   Port State Control will introduce a New Inspection Regime, in line with the   NIR implemented by the Paris MOU on 01 Jan 2011. More information is   available here.
Circular 61/2013: Possible disruption to vessels   entering Argentinean ports
Advice that Maritime Workers Union (SOMU) at the port of Bahia Blanca   (Argentina) intends to disrupt the arrival of vessels of certain flags that   do not have on board a valid International Transport Workers’ Federation   (ITF) Blue Certificate. This certificate demonstrates that the wages and   working conditions onboard have been accepted by the ITF.
Circular 60/2013: International Medical Guide for   Ships 3rd Edition
A reminder of the relationship between the ‘International Medical Guide for   Ships 3rd Edition’ and Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Regulation 4.1 –   Medical care on board ship and ashore. The International Medical Guide is   included in the circular.
Circular 59/2013: Ship’s Cook under MLC 2006
A reminder that vessels to which MLC 2006 will apply, and which carry 10 or   more persons, will be required to carry a qualified cook. The circular also   details the qualifications required.
Circular 58/2013: Guidelines for the development of   tables of seafarers’s shipboard working arrangements and formats of records   of seafarers’ hours of work or hours of rest
A reminder of the requirements and guidelines contained in the ILO Seafarers’   Hours of Work and the Manning of Ships Convention, 1996.


No news this month.

No news this month.

No news this month.


YSA   4-13: Safety warning – non-original GMDSS batteries
Advice that some counterfeit batteries are being promoted, sold and installed   for use in Jotron products type Tron 40S, Tron SART, Tron SART 20 and Tron   TR-20 GMDSS. The non-original batteries are apparently being manufactured in   China, and bear CCS approval no. CQ07T00007.

MN 2-011-42: Surveys and issuance of international   convention and national certificates for yachts
An outline of the revised requirements for the survey and issuance of   international convention and national certificates by or on behalf of the   Republic of the Marshall Islands.
MN   7-042-1 (Rev. 6/13): Medical care on board ship and ashore: medical chest,   record-keeping and responsibilities and training for medical care
Revised information on the standards of medical care onboard ship and ashore,   reflecting the relevant requirements of MLC 2006 and the World Health Organization’s Quantification   Addendum: International Guide for Ships, 3rd Edition.
MN 2-011-13 (Rev. 6/13): International Safety   Management (ISM) Code
Clarification of the Marshall Islands Administration’s requirements for   Companies and vessels seeking ISM Code certification, and their policies and   interpretations regarding application and implementation of the code. This   revision includes the need for a SEEMP.
MN   1-000-3 (Rev. 6/13): Requirements on carriage of publications on board ships
Guidance on the nautical publications required to be carried on board   vessels, and the formats (including electronic) that are acceptable to the   Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator. Jeppesen Marine is   added as an approved electronic program in this revision.



Circular MLC 005: Food, water and catering   requirements including qualifications of ship’s cook and catering staff
Information on the requirements in MLC 2006 for food, water and catering,   including qualifications of catering staff.
Circular GEN 006 (Rev. 3): Publications required on   St. Vincent and the Grenadines vessels
A comprehensive list of the publications that must be carried onboard. Whilst   it strictly only applies to St. Vincent and the Grenadines vessels, it also   largely applies to vessels of all flags.
Circular SOL 054: New speed and distance log   requirements
Advice of the amendments in IMO Resolution   MSC.334(90)   regarding the performance standards for devices to measure and indicate speed   and distance (Resolution   MSC.96(72)).   Vessels of 50,000GT and above built on or after 01 July 2014 must have two   separate devices for measuring speed over ground and water complying with the   revised performance standards.
Circular MLC 002 (Rev. 3): Procedures for Maritime   Labour Convention Certification
More information on the implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention   2006, including the procedures to be followed to obtain MLC certification.



MGN   488 (M): Maritime passenger rights – role of the National Enforcement Body
Advice that identifies the role of the MCA as the Maritime Passenger Rights   National Enforcement Body, and also the role of the various voluntary UK   Complaint Handling Bodies under EU   Regulation 1177/2010   on Maritime Passenger Rights.
MGN   496 (M+F): Certificate of Competency for Master Workboat less than 500 GT   unlimited
Guidance from the MCA on the route for certification restricted to workboats   that is structured to provide a progressive career path for those in the   workboat industry.
MGN   495 (M+F): Certificate of Competency for Master and Officer of the Watch Tug   less than 500 GT and 3000 GT near coastal and Certificate of Proficiency for   Tug Rating
Guidance from the MCA on the system for deck officers and ratings to gain   certification for Tugs working in near coastal areas and categorised waters.
MGN   466 (M): The Rescue Boat Code (The Code of Practice for Open Rescue Boats of   less than 15m in length)
An introduction to the publication of The   Rescue Boat Code (The   Code of Practice for Open Rescue Boats of Less Than 15 Metres in Length),   which offers a more appropriate voluntary standard to rescue boat   organisations for their inshore rescue boats that might otherwise be subject   to the SCV Code (MGN 280).

MGN   493 (M+F): The Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Health and Safety at   Work) (Asbestos) Regulations 2010 as amended by the Merchant Shipping and   Fishing Vessels (Health and Safety at Work) (Asbestos) (Amendment)   Regulations 2013
Guidance on the changes to the Asbestos 2010 Regulations which are being   introduced by the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Health and Safety at   Work)(Asbestos)(Amendment) Regulations 2013 (SI 2013/1473) (“the 2013   Amendment Regulations”) which come into force on 12 July 2013.
MGN   492 (M+F): Health and Safety at Work – Protecting those not employed by the   ship owner
Guidance on the Company’s and employer’s duties of care under health and   safety law, and highlighting of the importance for the parties to cooperate   to ensure the health and safety of everyone working on board UK vessels.

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