FLAG NEWS – January 2014


January 2014

  The following links can be used to download information that was published last month by the flag States popular with luxury yachts.

Flag News can be used to meet the flags’ requirements for management companies and yachts to receive regular updates and M-Notices.

Whilst we have made no attempt to filter out information that may not be relevant to the reader, the icons give a general indication of applicability.

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No news this month.


Technical Alert 14-01: Public Holidays
Advice from the Bahamas Maritime Authority of the public holidays observed in its offices in London, Nassau, New York and Hong Kong when the BMA will be closed for business during 2014.


No news this month.

No news this month.

No news this month.

No news this month.


SGN 048: STCW Convention Regulation VI/6
Advice from the Gibraltar Maritime Administration of acceptance of computer based training & recognition of certificates of proficiency for security-related training for seafarers. This advice should be read in conjunction with advice given in SGN 045 and SGN 047.



MLN 6: Amendments to DMLC Part II and SEAs
Guidance on compliance with the Isle of Man (IOM) regulations that give effect to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.



Increase in tonnage limit for the Jersey Register
Advice that on 26 Nov 2013 Jersey signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with the United Kingdom so that the British Register in Jersey is now authorised to register commercial vessels up to 399GT, up from 150GT.



Consolidated Merchant Shipping Notices
Consolidated version of Merchant Shipping Notices published by the Malta Shipping Directorate, effective 27 Dec 2013.



MN 7-038-2 (Rev. 12/13): Minimum safe manning requirements for vessels
The latest Marshall Islands requirements for the safe manning of merchant ships. This Notice supersedes Rev. 11/12 and reflects the addition of new item 1.2.4, the updating of item 2.5.5, and the updating of the forms contained in the Annex.

MN 2-013-11 (Rev. 12/13): Requirements for MARPOL surveys for commercial and private yachts of 400GT and above, or any yacht certified to carry more than 15 persons
Revised guidance on the procedures and documentation requirements for yachts to obtain and maintain certification in accordance with the requirements of MARPOL Annexes I, IV, V, and VI. Whilst this information is intended for Marshall Islands yachts, it may also be of interest to yachts of all flags.

MN 2-011-14 (Rev. 12/13): Maintenance and inspection of fire protection systems and equipment
Updated clarification of the Marshall Islands Administration’s policies pertaining to the maintenance, inspection, testing and examination of fire protection systems, appliances and emergency equipment.

YSA 1-14: Notice of Arrival requirements for yachts over 300GT
Advice of the issuing of USCG MSIB Number 01-14, reminding foreign recreational yachts over 300 GT of the requirement to file a notice of arrival (NOA) with the USCG National Vessel Movement Center (NVMC) prior to arrival in the US.

Technical Circular 16 (Rev. 2): Means of ship embarkation/disembarkation and pilot transfer arrangements
Complimentary information to MN 7-043-1: ‘Means of ship embarkation/disembarkation’, and MN 7-041-3: ‘Pilot transfer arrangements’.



Circular SOL 056: Prohibition of the blending of bulk liquid cargoes and production processes during sea voyages – new SOLAS Regulation VI/5-2
Advice that new regulation SOLAS Chapter VI/5-2 prohibiting the physical blending of bulk liquid cargoes and production process during sea voyages entered into force on 01 Jan 2014.



MSN 1852(M): IMO tanks, portable tanks, road tank vehicles and rail tank wagons for the carriage by sea of dangerous goods as solids, liquids or liquefied gases
The United Kingdom’s requirements for IMO tanks, portable tanks, road tank vehicles and rail tank wagons for the carriage by sea of dangerous goods as solids, liquids, or liquefied gases, replacing those contained in MSN 1705.

MIN 473 (M): Training and certification – amendments for Large Yacht Qualification, Navigational Watch Rating, Efficient Deck Hand and Able Seafarer Deck Certification
Advice of the planned changes to the large yacht code examinations detailed in MSN 1802 which are due to come into force between Aug and Dec 2013 as part of the 2010 Manila amendments to STCW. This notice also details changes to Large Yacht Qualifications, Able Seafarer Deck Certification, Navigational Watch Rating (NWR) Certification, the Efficient Deck Hand (EDH) syllabus and the sea service requirement.

Safety Alert Technical No. 50: EPIRB precautionary safety alert
EPIRB manufacturer GME has issued a precautionary safety alert concerning 406MHz EPIRBs produced between Jan 2005 and Jun 2010. The models at risk are GME MT400, MT401, MT401FF, MT403FF/FG, MT 403/G and MT406G. In a small number of instances, the EPIRBs have failed their self-test sequence indicating they may not work in a real emergency.




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