Flag News for Yachts – May 2013

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MAY 2013

  The   following links can be used to download information that was published last   month by the flag States popular with luxury yachts.

Flag   News can be used to meet the flags’ requirements for management companies and   yachts to receive regular updates and M-Notices.

Whilst   we have made no attempt to filter out information that may not be relevant to   the reader, the icons give canadian healthcare a general indication of applicability.

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Circular   2013-004 (Rev. 5/13): Emergency contact arrangements and out of hours service
The contact details for emergency assistance out of office hours.
Circular   2012-001 (Rev. 5/13): Preparations for the Maritime Labour Convention 2006
An update to the guidance published by the Antigua & Barbuda   Administration on the implementation of the MLC 2006 and the domestic   regulations that give effect to it.



IB No.   149: Technical alerts
Advice of the introduction of “BMA Technical Alerts” by The Bahamas   Maritime Authority.
IB No.   148 (Rev. 4/13): Medical care onboard, shipowner liability and social   security
Guidance on the Bahamas’ implementation of the MLC 2006’s requirements for   medical care onboard.
IB No.   147 (Rev. 4/13): MLC 2006 – Seafarer recruitment and placement services
An outline of the Bahamas’ requirements for the operation of private seafarer   recruitment and placement services in the Bahamas, plus relevant guidance for   shipowners and companies.
IB No.   146 (Rev. 4/13): Ship cook
Guidance on the carriage of a ship cook in accordance with the Bahamas   Merchant Shipping Act and the MLC 2006.


No news this month.

No news this month.

No news this month.


Circular   56/2013: Making an endorsement application
Details of the application process for a licence endorsement, and information   on the Cook Islands Acknowledgement Letter.
Circular   47/2012 (Rev. 5/13): Medical Examination Certificate required to be carried   by all seafarers on Cook Islands vessels
Clarification of the requirements for the Medical Examination Certificates   issued to seafarers working on Cook Islands vessels.


No news this month.


MSN   046: STCW Convention regulation VI/6 Mandatory minimum requirements for   security-related training and instruction for all seafarers
Details of the new requirements of STCW Regulation VI/6 for security-related   training, and an explanation of how to ensure that seafarers comply with the   new requirements.


No news this month.

No news this month.


MN 7-046-1 (Rev. 4/13): Articles of   Agreement between the Master and Seafarers in the Merchant Service of the   Republic of the Marshall Islands (Shipping Articles)
Advice of certain changes made necessary to the Articles of Agreement as part   of the MI Administration’s implementation of the STCW Convention and the ISM   Code.
MN 7-044-1 (Rev. 4/13):   Accommodation, recreational facilities, food, catering and water
Revised details of the minimum standards for living conditions and   arrangements on board every ship flying the flag of the Marshall Islands.
MN 2-013-8 (Rev. 4/13):   Implementation of the Revised MARPOL Annex VI, Regulations for the Prevention   of Air Pollution from Ships
Revised details of the air emissions requirements of MARPOL Annex VI which   entered into force on 01 Jul 2010.
MG 7-47-1: Guidance on medical exams   and certificates for seafarers
An overview of the ILO’s and IMO’s ‘Guidelines on the Medical Examination of   Seafarers, STCW.7/Circ.19′ which were published on 19 Jan 2013, plus some   recommendations from the Marshall Islands’ Administration.


No news this month.


MSN 1837 (M+F): Categorisation of   waters
Advice from the MCA on the categorisations of waters in the United Kingdom.   This notice replaces and augments MSN   1776(M) and MSN 1827(M) with new amendments.




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