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VAT calculation for fuel consumed on charter

Further to our news on 28th June and 1st July, with specific regards to the legal advice provided to MYBA by the Italian Tax Office, Yacht Welfare has summarized into a chart all the possible scenarios (concerning Italian charters) explaining

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How to Invoice APA which is subject to VAT

Given the new ruling by MYBA in regards to the APA (for more info see also here the VAT collected on the expenses to meet navigation requirements, such as fuel and oil for the engines and on-board systems, needs

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Clarification on APA for Charter Yachts

On June 26th 2016 MYBA has been replied by the Italian Revenue Office to his request of Legal Advice (Consulenza Giuridica No. 954-20/2016) in regards to the right application of VAT on APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance). The reply provided by

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